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Five reasons to never make a whiteboard explainer!

Man Shouting

Look at this photo and ask yourself: Could an animated template generate the same emotion as a picture of a human? Happy or sad, human beings explain things better than cheap cartoons.

Five reasons to never make a whiteboard explainer:


1. Products Relevance:

What does the back of someone’s hand have to do with your product, app or new software? On social media you have 3 to 7 seconds to get someone’s attention. It is not television, they are not a captive audience that takes 20 seconds to grab the remote control and flip it! Either you get to the point right away or you lose them.


2. They are not impressive!

The style was cool nearly 15 years ago when it debuted. You can’t impress people with any form of special effects now. Kids are blowing up the Empire State building with their cell phones in between classes. Put your storytelling and message first and look slick with great production value but don’t use an old gimmick to try to fake production value. Everyone knows they are cheap.


3. Bad positioning for your product!

Whiteboard explainer videos have now been used to advertise so many real estates scams bad bitcoin operations and most hilariously a slew of YouTube conspiracy theory videos that one really can’t take their eyes off of for all of the wrong reasons. Using human beings with stock footage or having something shot inexpensively is always a better route that an equally expensive animaiton. And then no one will lump your brand in with all those bitcoin scams out there.

4. They don’t grab attention!

When you were scrolling through a Facebook feed or quickly flipping through Instagram you’ve pretty much moved on within 3 to 4 seconds which is longer than it takes the back of someone’s hand to write one single word. They will not grab the users attention in time.


5. There are hundreds of thousands of them and no one cares!

There are so many whiteboard videos in existence that viewers are as likely to tune them out as a smoker does a surgeon general warning on his pack. They fade into the background even while being consumed. Go with story telling and human beings!



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