5 fast ways to get more followers on Instagram:


1. Post DAILY. When you post is everything, use the exact same time every day.
2. Use FRESH daily video and photo content. Have something visual that is original and relevant to your product or brand. 

3. Study your audience. Find out what terms they search with when looking for products like yours. Use those with the highest searches and lowest competition.
4. Watch analytics for the most shares and the highest click-through to your site and also judge by how many followers. DO NOT JUDGE SUCCESS ON SHARES ALONE AND DO NOT JUDGE IT ON CONVERSIONS ALONE. Brand namesake building takes time, and you will see increases in followers over months, not days. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably using fake followers. 
5. Use every reason you can think of.


Research shows within just months, you will see double the followers over the same period of time if you post something new every day. If every post is top-notch, well-produced video, you are not seen as a brand trying to break in or do the least effort in marketing. You are seen as a confident brand with a passionate desire to connect with your fans and followers. Using very cool, original and unique approaches to show visuals of the content daily is invaluable in terms of short term conversions and long term brand building.


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