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Explainer Video Basics: Using Storyblocks and Pexels Video!

Digital media has become the calling card of successful brands and companies all around the world. The ability to instantly connect with a potential customer before selling an idea or concept is simply too important to ignore. When brands want to make an impact with a professional Explainer Video, the team at Video Production by Brainiac can help.

The goal of an explainer video is to grab the attention of the viewer before educating them on a topic all within one to two minutes. An Explainer Video is produced to quickly sell a product or idea with a human-focused connection. When it comes time to build the perfect Explainer Video, the team at Brainiac has a few tools that work well to get the job done!

For starters, the best Explainer Videos in today's marketing world will feature strong text, targeted information, and professional stock footage from places like Storyblocks and Pexels Video. Brainiac utilizes an advanced storytelling method to subtly and clearly engineer a reaction from your audience in a way that is honest, effective, and entertaining.

While Explainer Videos are not a new invention, they are truly becoming an innovative force in today's digital marketing world. Whether you are a corporation looking to launch a series of informational videos or a start-up looking to establish your brand in a crowded field, establishing quick and coherent connections with your clients will become a necessity for your road to success.

The team at Brainiac understands that every business has its own custom needs. For that reason, clients at Brainiac can expect unique productions that offer pitch-perfect results at rates that are simply unbeatable within the industry.

If you would like to explore the benefits of an Explainer Video with the team at Brainiac, book your free 30-minute consultation over Zoom, today!