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Advertising In Amazon: The do's and don't of Amazon Product Video Production

Know about the rules and stick to them. Some vital ones to note:

• Recordings should be totally in English.

• Any statements you make (inferred or expressed) should be upheld by proof. Any case that could sensibly be deciphered as a verifiable assertion should be precise and validated. In other words, if you claim your glass holds water, it better not leak.

• Any items utilized should be yours and you should be the brand proprietor.

• No slanderous or deprecatory assertions about contender items or brands. Proclamations about contending items should be authentic.

• Recordings should not contain costs, advancement data, markdown claims (counting words, for example, "modest," "reasonable," "on special," and so forth), or time-touchy data. Stick to the features, basically.

• No wellbeing claims, clinical cases, or clinical counsel (see the full area on this point in Seller Central for more data).

• No disputable, political, delicate, or physically interesting substance.

• Don't lead people away from Amazon

What else do I need to know to get a successful video made that will promote my product on Amazon?

This is where we come in. Schedule a free consultation today and let Brainiac crank out your next round (or first round) of Amazon Product Videos. Check out our Amazon Product videos now -

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