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Aldis ad

What you should know about Aldis ads and print promotion:

Print promotion is great for regional promotion and sales however, when selling your goods in print, do they really get to see how GOOD your goods are?

That's what a QR code that leads to a video is SO important and Aldis Ad or other print ad campaigns should always lead you to a site with a video!

People actually look online from their phones while making decisions at stores - you need a video!

Video Production that rides along side Aldis Advertising is crtical to your product competing with instore brands.

So, you need a video that will make your product stand out. A video that can play and hold its own against the competition on youtube, in broadcast or simply captivate and keep them on your site. A video that can be made cheaply yet with studio level results.

Brainiac Pictures specializes in exciting product videos and can help guide you from start to finish, finding affordable solutions for small businesses, startups and entrepreuers with unqiue products is what we do. And for the big brands, they love us for our fast turn arounds.

Call now 1 (888) 202-1022 ext 1 or Book a free zoom consultation with Brainiac today!

What are the different ways I can use my produced product video?

• Youtube

• Your website

• Amazon, Shopify and other retailers product description pages

• Cheap DirectTV and Cable Advertising

• Video Billboards

• Video In Email Campaigns

• Offer for stores with instore screens to promote your product

• Trade show displays

Your product will not be taken seriously unless shot by pros. Have it done right and Book a free zoom consultation with Brainiac today!


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