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An ad

The definitive checklist for getting an ad or promotional video made. For some, it seems really hard, but at Brainiac Pictures, the process is made very simple.

First, watch our samples and get excited.

You can learn the steps (very few) that it takes with us to get in motion. You can be on your way with Brainiac to getting a top notch video made in less than an hour!

Or you can skip the step and go straight to booking a free consultation

Let's say you want your Ad on Tik Tok, Snapchat or Instagram running as a regular video to push your following and brand awareness, well, we have a package just for that right here

Or if you want your Ad on TV, Youtube or Facebookwell your going to want to check out our commercials here -

Brainiac Pictures is an expert at Product Videos for Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and Youtube. We deliver hundreds of commercials and over a thousand social videos in 2021 alone. Let Brainiac stear your towards a successful video production today.


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