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C 4p and why you have to know them when advertising with video

The 4p's and the four C's are fundamental to understanding marketing, especially when it comes to making videos.

4 p's

The four p's are also known as "marketing mix", and is now considered a foundation model for businesses, historically centered around product, price, place, and promotion (thus referred to as the "4 Ps"). The elements of the marketing mix are these 4p's and have been defined as the "set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in their target market.

• Product - Understand what you are selling

• Place - Understand where you are selling it and to whom

• Price - Know how much it costs comparatively, so you don;t try to sell it to a crowd that can't afford it

• Promotion - Know how to get the word out. Think outside of the box. Promotional mix is an appropriate balance of advertising, PR, direct marketing and sales promotion

Product Choices - The word Product describes what the business makes available for purchase and may incorporate items or administrations. Product choices incorporate the "quality, highlights, benefits, style, plan, marking, bundling, administrations, guarantees, ensures, life cycles, speculations and returns".

Value Choices describes choices encompassing "list estimating, markdown evaluating, exceptional deal estimating, credit installment or credit terms". Value alludes to the complete amount of benefits for client to get the item, and may include both financial and mental benefits.

Place is characterized as the "immediate or roundabout channels to advertise, topographical circulation, regional inclusion, retail outlet, market area, lists, social strategy online and off-line, coordinations, and request satisfaction". Place alludes either to the actual area where a business completes business or the appropriation channels used to arrive at business sectors, such as places online, apps, etc. Place might allude to a retail outlet, however progressively Place is seen as virtual stores and social media platforms where purchases occur.

Promotion is "the showcasing correspondence used to spread the word about the proposal for possible clients and convince them to examine it further". Promotion components incorporate "publicizing, advertising, direct selling and deals advancements."

What are the 4 C’s?

The 4 C’s of marketing, which consist of

• Consumer wants and needs

• Cost

• Convenience

• Communication

This set of marketing mix rules focus on communication as a means of marketing, not the other way around.

How does this apply to making a video to promote my product?

You don't have to fill in all of these, but the more you do, the more it helps you understand what to do when creating a video.

• Product - You know what product you are already selling.

• Place - Who and where is the product being sold. If it is retail or online product that you are making in China, Mexico, India - you will need a video made by an american company with American actors to promote it in the west.

• Price - If your price point is high, you will make advertising that is meant to travel on faacebook, instagram. However, if your price is low or audiencer younger, you may choose to stay more vertical social. These are the questions we will guide you through when creating an ad with your company.

• Promotion - Look at your ad budget, how much you can afford to spend and that will tell you where this ad is going to live most and help us make the right choices

• Consumer wants and needs - The commercial should describe the consumers desires or showcase why they need your product

• Cost - It should be clear what price point it is and can be communicated in different ways, in part, even by how the actors dress and speak, age, etc

• Convenience - Making it easy to buy when seeing the ad is crucial online, as well when broadcasting targeting your ads to areas where the product is available in retail stores

• Communication - Your spot should communicate the tone of the wanted audiences most desired lifestyle

We can help you achieve all of these things in your products 30 seconds of fame.

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