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Free Video Hosting 2021

Places to Post Your Video When It’s Done. After searching through dozens of lists for 2021Video Sharing Sites and Best video platforms and even searching free places to post your video, we saw no one had put together an all-inclusive list. This list, will rock your marketing world!

HOSTING (FREE): THE OBVIOUS PLATFORMS YouTube Obviously you knew that. Also, sometimes it feels hard to get found on such a big network. One tool people use is Tube Buddy. LinkedIn You can post videos from your personal and business page. If you are b2b, Linkedin has the right crowd. A lot of b2c is happening here too. Vimeo The preferred embed-able video platform that isn't youtube. Not as many people stumbling acorss your content, but a great place to share and host. Reddit It's really huge and you need to post a lot to be taken seriously and have anyone move your content up. Facebook The importance is Facebook daily posting is obvious. Reaching all ages is possible here however if your audience is under 30 Instagram is of equal importance to you. Instagram If your audience is under 30, this is the best place to reach them. 60 second length. 15 second for ad campaign. TikTok Get'em while they last! Kidding. If your audience is under 20, this is it. Snapchat 60 second videos as well now. Popular with youth. HERE ARE MANY IMPORTANT VIDEO HOSTING PLATFORMS THAT YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF OR DID NOT THINK OF: Going huge means going the extra mile. And sometimes it's easier to reach people on smaller platforms than on bigger ones. Less competition, more direct relationships! Daily Motion All types of videos, however, the focus here is on news, entertainment, and how to. Instructionals are best here. Daily Motion is known to show up in search results, which is great, yet you will need to promote the videos you post there elsewhere, as internal discovery is limited due to its function more as a user-generated entertainment site, than a subscription or follower based social media channels. Imgur Imgur is great for edgy gifs, short visualizers. Bigger for entertainment than product spots, if you have something entertaining in it's own right and less than 60 seconds, Imgur is good place for b2c out of the box type video marketing. LiveLeak Live Leak is like reditt for video. It is not like social media video sharing sites, as no one is following your channel. The more you post, the more your videos are delivered in the feeds and the upvotes you get. Videos with a mindblowing innovation would do well here, as would comedy based commercials. Make sure and add your links to each post, as there isn't much for a user-friendly page to push people to your site after viewing your content. Much like Daily Motion. youku China's youtube. Like Youtube for Korea. They show up in google search results. Instructables This is great if you have a product that is a tool, receipt or needs a lot of instruction. Putting your explainer here can get you some extra action. Great place for videos on how to use gadgets, software, etc. teachertube the platform is a bit clunky but there may be some customers for your educational software or product here. At time of writing, the uploader and sign up weren't working so hot. WEIBLO Another international youtube type site. NON-HOSTING: BLOGS THAT RE-POST VIDEO. Don't expect the platform you're hosting on to do all the work for you. You need to post the video everywhere ande create unique copy and keywords each time that you do it. is a big help in find keywords with less competition and lots of searches. Tumblr - Tumblr does not host video but a great place to post youtube clips and daily motion videos to get them more action. Twitter - Doesn't host video but boy, if you post daily youtube clips you get a following and a LOT of eyes on your product. Mix - Mix does not allow uploads but instead allows you to post videos and articles to promote your brand from other sites. A great place to share your landing page video and fantastic for any video approaches that are relevant to their categories like Nutrition and Health. Mix will help get eyes on your youtube, daily motion or liveleak clips. Instapaper - Great way to share content hosted elsewhere. Similar to Mix or Stumbleupon (which is now mix). Medium - You'll be posting your vimeo or youtube clip here and writing a good article around it. It is a platform that can bring a lot of legitimacy and exposure if your content is well written and has strong non-advertising based hooks as a part of your marketing. SAPO - For international sales, SAPO helps you to get noticed in small markets that have less competition and bigger results. Sapo is a blogging network out of Portugal where you can share your videos and write an article to convince others to watch it. funnyjunk - If your commercial has humor, do it!

HOSTING YET DISCOVERED THROUGH OTHER PLATFORMS AND SHARING Vidyard - It's more like whatsapp, meant for video messages. Some clients have recorded the messages and attached our videos at the end to really seal the deal, but this platform is more about personalized b2b outreach than anything, Wix Video If you host your site on wix, or have any sites on Wix, Wix video has good seo. SproutVideo Good for hosting and lead capture on saas videos however it is not a discovery portal like youtube or vimeo. Viddler is for health care community. You can create courses and share videos. PHONE APP ONLY: periscope Mobile only younow Streaming only Mobile only vero Social sharing via phone. Worth it. OTHER: GoogieHost Free Web Hosting Pinterest - Photo uploads only but you can collect web links from your pages and share them alongside other pages that are like minded. GIPHY - Animated gifs, short form video as gifs

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