There was a time of simplicity. The only place for video ads was television. All of the requirements were the same. People had to watch your spot while waiting for their favorite program. It didn't matter whether or not the commercial kept attention. It would be over before they could reach over the popcorn for the remote. 

Times are different. There are many places to run your video (for free even) to get consumers interested. And each place, has its own best practices. The first thing you need to do is define where you think you will run it. It its for young audience members (under25) then tik tok, Instagram, snapchat and youtube are best to keep in mind when writing the video. If it's for tv, linked in or facebook, they all have their own special practices too.

We help you define where it will run and then help you write the pitch-perfect script. Check out our STEP BY STEP GUIDE to planning your video if you need to understand the process, otherwise, jump right in for a free consultation by booking an appointment with your director here.

Below is Brainiac's learning center, featuring FAQ on both producing and distributing your video. FYI - We DO NOT do media management or distribution. We specialize in video production and like to keep it that way. However, we have curated some great info below that will help you understand our process and give you ideas for your marketing efforts.

1. Step By Step Guide To Planning Your Video.

2. Five tips for making a great commercial

3. Five tips for making the best explainer video.

4. How to get more followers on Facebook, Instagram, or youtube.

5. Why you should never crowdsource video. 

6. What not to do when hiring a videographer.

7. Specs for Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.

8. Social Media Information: Is youtube social media? When did social media start?

9. List of social media sites.

10. Getting started with us.

Frequently asked questions about production





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Frequently asked questions about promotion

How to get more followers on IG

5 fast ways to generate more followers and social growth on Instagram: 1. Post every day.
2. Use video and photo content that is opriginal, every day. 3. Study what your future buyer is searching for and use quality hashtags.
4. Watch analytics to see what posts generate most shares and highest click-through to your site.
5. Use video to host contests that encourage people to share and follow.
Why post video and photos daily? Research shows within just months, you will see double the followers over the same period of time if you post something new every day. If every post is top notch, well produced video, you are not seen as a brand trying to break in or do the least effort in marketing. You are seen as a confident brand with a passionate desire to connect with your fans and followers. Using very cool, original and unique approaches to show visuals of the content daily is invaluable in terms of short term conversions and long term brand building. The best resource for small and mid-sized brands to rule their social affordably:

How to get more followers on Facebook

Top 5 ways to get more followers Instagram: Generate more followers and social growth: 1. Post a new photo or video every day.
2. Use video and photo content that is original, every day. 3. Study what your looks for and use hashtags that show the least competition.
4. Watch analytics to see what posts generate the most shares and highest click-through to your site.
5. Use professional videos to host contests, celbrate holidays, events and any other excuse to make people think about your brand on a daily basis. Why post new video daily? Double the followers in the same period of time. If every video and still, meme or phtoos is professional and well done, you are are seen as a passionate brand who loves sharing and growing, with their followers. The best option for small and mid-sized brands to rule their social affordably: The monthly Ultra Social Pack.

How to get free advertising

1. Create a good video and upload it to as many platforms as possible. See the list of social media platforms (there are dozens you have yet to hear of) and video hosting platforms. 2. Post new content daily to your social platforms, as to grow your followers. Then everytime you post, you are advertising something free to them. 3. Message your video and offer to send the product to product reviewers and magazines for review. 4. Guest blog about anything related to your product and always show your professionally made video content in the post. 5. Post your video content in forums 6. Answer questions on places like quora and back up your knowledge as the owner of a brand and link it to your video.

Is YouTube Social Media?

It depends on whom you ask actually. Some people use Youtube as a social media platform, subscribing to content and uploading their own videos. Yet others, it is no different from Netflix or Prime. Simply, a place to watch content that people on other social media platforms, may have recommended. Whereas you have to be into having a social media account in order to consume things on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, YouTube users can dodge the social media side of the platform and simply watch content. That said, it has a different set of rules than social media platforms that encourage you to scroll down even as content is playing. You have a bit more time on youtube than six seconds to reach your viewer, which is a broader audience than the age-niche based platforms. We know the differences between platforms and how to make your video shine depending on where it plans to show most. How to get more followers on Play Video

When did social media start?

1997. Before it was known as social media, there was a site was called Six Degrees and it allowed you to create profiles and make friends. Blogging sites followed not long after along with video sharing sites appearing nearly a decade later. Yet the beginnings of what now shapes the world, the ebb and flow of the feeds, so to speak, started as early as the telegraph. Get the full history and how this knowledge can benefit your campaign here: https://www.video-production.co/when-did-social-media-start