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1997. Before it was known as social media, there was a site was called Six Degrees and it allowed you to create profiles and make friends. Blogging sites followed not long after along with video sharing sites appearing nearly a decade later. Yet the beginnings of what now shapes the world, the ebb and flow of the feeds, so to speak, started long ago. Long before you and I were even born.


Communicating with loved ones across significant distances has been a worry of people for a considerable length of time. As social creatures, individuals have consistently depended on correspondence to fortify their connections. The underlying foundations of online life go far deeper than you may envision. 

In 1792, the telegraph message was created. This permitted messages to be conveyed over a significant distance far quicker than a pony and rider could convey them. In spite of the fact that broadcast messages were short, they were a progressive method to pass on news and data. 


1865, made another path for letters to be conveyed immediately between beneficiaries. A pneumatic post uses underground pressurized air cylinders to convey containers starting with one region then onto the next. 

Two significant revelations occurred in the most recent decade of the 1800s: The phone in 1890 and the radio in 1891. Both are obviously still used today, in spite of the fact that the advancements in other technology. Phone lines and radio signs empowered individuals to impart across significant stretches promptly, something that humanity had never experienced. 

After the creation of blogging, web-based life started to detonate in prominence. Destinations like MySpace and LinkedIn picked up unmistakable quality in the mid 2000s, and sites like Photobucket and Flickr encouraged online photograph sharing. YouTube turned out in 2005, making a totally new path for individuals to impart and impart one another across huge spans. 


By 2006, Facebook and Twitter both opened up to clients all through the world. Now Tik, Tok, Instagram and Snapchat video production are common requests for us, and typical broadcast videos now make up less a fraction of the media-generated for public consumption daily. 


When making videos for social media, always remember it is a message. From one person to another. Sometimes we communicate with each other through raw conversation, but if that's always the case, then all we think about each other is that rawness. Thus, do not rely on videos of yourself talking about your brand every day. Yes, you need a video every day to release at the same time. But you also need to look at the production value. Radio would have never blown up if it only had people talking and no music or entertainment value. Work with us to get stunning looking videos at a fraction of a cost that you would find elsewhere.



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