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A Video Production Company specializing in Product Videos, Commercials, SAAS Explainers, and Viral Social Media Videos. 

Brainiac, A Video Production Company serving global brands, has you covered with its three core specialties: B2C Commercials (including Product Videos, Social Ads, and landing page videos), B2B videos (including Corporate, SAAS Explainer Videos, Startups, and software landing page videos), and Social Media Videos (for Instagram, TikTok, Youtube Shorts and more).


Product Videos and Commercials must be shot on professional cameras and use actors to for the brand to be taken seriously. Shooting products with a ring light at home for Amazon does not establish product trust or increase brand awareness. Brainiac knows this, so we use our in-house gear and facilities to deliver studio-level commercial productions at rates that work for new brands with options that empower larger established companies. ​


And while you'd think social media videos (known as UGC in the industry are something anyone can make there is actually a science to making a video shot on a cellphone that features a product, watchable! And yes, with Brainiac you are in good hands, adhering to best practices while employing creative approaches that are on trend, on point, and ready to move and shake.​Brainiac looks deeply at advanced SEO for video while writing your script, allowing us to optimize to grab the attention of your desired target audience.


This is especially important as algorithms change and privacy laws shift away from cookies and pixel targeting, knowing how to structure your video is key to the right people finding it in the right places.​Best practices for Explainer Videos have also changed. You can't just use some awful cheap cartoon template and expect people to care.


If it does not retain their interest, both the video and your site drop in search results, get more expensive to advertise, and ultimately, harm your brand. This is why Brainiac created in-house explainer videos, which use real actors to explain your software or service. Do you need real people to buy it? Use real people to pitch it!

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