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Video Production Cost Estimator

Video Production Cost Estimator: What to Expect From Brainiac Video Production Services.

Video marketing has become part and parcel of the professional experience. We live in an age where the internet has made it possible for your video production to reach audiences around the globe, going viral along the way to help boost your brand and business. Unfortunately, developing the ideal video marketing content can be difficult when you don't know what to expect from your video production cost. Today, we want to break down some barriers to help you understand how much a professional video with Brainiac Video Production might cost.

Video Production Cost Estimator - Build Your Brand

First and foremost, we know that video marketing has risen in importance for several different reasons. Our constant connection to the internet paired with the viral nature of marketing on social media means that any video can help to bring in countless customers to your business. As a result, developing the right video production pricing sheet for your needs can be of the utmost importance to ensure that your goals are met. While there is no simple video production cost estimator available, we do have some tools and nuggets of insight that might guide you forward during the development of your video production pricing sheet.

1) The Full Commercial Package - If you know that you can handle the premium price tag that comes with a full-scale commercial package, this is the perfect place to start. The Full Commercial Package by Brainiac starts at $6,500 and comes with professional Red and Arii cine primes. This package accounts for everything in your video production pricing sheet from writing and directing to shooting, talent, locations, and motion graphics.

Ideal For: Businesses and brands looking to hit the next level of marketing success.

2) The Micro-Budget Product Video - While full-scale commercial packages sound great, they aren't going to match the video product cost estimator for everyone. If you want a professional package designed on a budget, the Micro-Budget Product Video service by Brainiac can get the job done. This package includes Cine Primes and Scrape Filters produced on an iPhone 11. This package also includes writing, shooting, color correction, editing, directing, and more. You will receive a pair of free edits with your package.

Ideal For: Amazon Sellers, Product Demonstrations, Pitch Reels.

3) Monthly Ultra-Social Pack - The final package to pay attention to is the Monthly Ultra-Social Pack. This package starts at just $450 per video when you order 30 videos for the same brand or item. With professionally edited shots customized to fit your needs, you can enjoy daily new videos to win over your audience through the Monthly Package.

Ideal For: Brands, Social Media, Marketing.

Contact the team at Video Production by Brainiac to discuss your video production cost through a free consultation!

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