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Product Video Production Services for Broadcast, YouTube, and Amazon. 

For some, making product videos looks easy. They even try it at home with their fancy phone and tiny product tents. But then once the product is posted on their website, landing page, or sales platform(s), it doesn't help. In some cases, it even hurts sales. Why? The quality of your content impacts everything from buyer trust to Google search results.


Product Videos and Commercials are very different from social media videos - they must be shot on professional cameras and use fantastic voiceovers or real actors to establish instant trust in your brand. The audience always says "If these guys can't get a decent professional video made, how good could the product be?" Luckily, Brainiac offers a solution that is affordable for small brands and slick enough for big brands, with our price point falling right in the middle. Book a 30-minute brainstorming call below and we'll get you and your product in motion.

Find the right approach for your video and get an instant quote!

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Examples from our amazingly diverse collection of past and present products.

From high-end toy commercials and consumer electronics brands to health supplements and e-commerce product videos, Brainiac has you covered for all of your product video and TV commercial needs.

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