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Marketing for business services does not have to be emotionless.

Running a business can be exciting, emotional, and stressful. Servicing business needs - the same. This video is a perfect example of how sometimes, it's a great idea to put yourself in your audience's shoes for a moment. And to help them laugh while doing it. In 8 faces an IT pro makes, we examine the problem in such an exciting way, that the solution, cloud-based recovery - seems absolutely necessary.


Structuring your B@B videos with the problem at the beginning and the solution in the middle is often a great way to hit a home run for videos where the audience is already aware of what you do. However, following the B2B rules of calling out that audience member at the start, is still very important. You'll notice in this spot, that we know who and what it is about from the very first second. And the energy carries you straight into the technical solution that the audience member is now begging for. When you need a fun or simply effective creative approach, turn to Brainiac. We are here to help!

Find the right approach for your video and get an instant quote!

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From B2B Video Production to snacks and toys

Brainiac has its thumb on the right creative approach to almost every kind of product. How your structure the writing, how cast the video and the overall creative approach entirely depends on your product and potential buyer. See our extremely diverse portfolio below and books zoom with us so we can help guide your project in the right direction.

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