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Naturopathic Products deserve better marketing than toxic foods!

Our mission at Brainiac Pictures is to help your product be taken seriously amongst all the clutter and noise of products that do nothing for their consumer. In this case, we worked to make sea moss and its benefits just as fun as any snack that is rather bad for its audience. using yuppie-looking characters and stuffing the video with active lifestyle shots, our approach helps make sea moss feel just a bit more mainstream! 

If you have a product or service that seeks to be positioned above the clutter, and you need a team that understands how to communicate with your market, Brainiac Pictures is here for you!

Find the right approach for your video and get an instant quote!

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Examples from our amazingly diverse collection of past and present products.

From high-end toy commercials and consumer electronics brands to health supplements and e-commerce product videos, Brainiac has you covered for all of your product video and TV commercial needs.

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