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A Video Production Company that services consumer goods, software, apps, and global business services.

We take you from start to finish, including writing your SEO-optimized video script through casting, shooting, and post-production. Whether you are marketing a product, software as a service, or need social videos to promote your brand, Brainiac has you covered. Click any of our three main categories or go to the services page, to find out more about how we bring your promotional and marketing videos to life.

Video Production that triggers the imagination
Product Video Production
Bulk Social Media Video Production Services

We make navigating video production services for your company fast and easy. Below are the steps and best practices for marketing your product or brand.

Step one:
Book a script call with your director. The director will help you define the type of video you need based on your target audience, platform, and the product or service you offer. Your message, brand guidelines and assets will then be used to develop the right creative strategy and approach. Below are some examples of the right strategy and best practices based on your product or service.


Step two:

The director delivers the script for your approval, gives you some great cast members to choose from and then books your location(s), and defines any other production needs.


Step three:

The video is shot, edited, and delivered. Revision rounds and optimization, including a hands-on approach where the director works with you via zoom to ensure your product and brand have its best foot forward with keywording descriptions during launch. Brainiac takes you from start to finish in just a few brief meetings and makes the process incredibly easy with our 25 years of production experience and expertise behind our every move.


If you are a consumer goods product or a consumer electronics product and the video is meant for your landing page or Amazon sales page, get straight to the point and avoid a lot of extra words. Simply put, they are already there to buy. Get them the details they need to close the sale.


f the video is meant for YouTube of Broadcast, then align it directly with the audience with lifestyle shots in locations that are relatable. The audience wants to know how your product looks in their life as well as all of the features and value.

Consider a combination of widescreen and vertical videos for mobile enjoyment as a way to reach the same audience multiple times and increase their likelihood of engagement.

Live Action Video Production Services


If you are a B2B, SAAS or StartUp company, then the rules are entirely different. Currently, cheap cartoons are no longer working to sell software or services. Part of the reason is these cartoons use the same characters as thousands of untrustworthy brands no one has heard of. Do you really want your brand to make people think of some awful payday loan ad that uses the same animation style? Or that there is no likable person involved on camera, just an anonymous small company behind the software?


Furthermore, so many of your audience members do marketing or run their own business. So, if you can get someone to create an animated explainer for a couple grand, the audience will know it and they'll assume that your company is successful enough to have real advertising. 

High tech Explainer Video Production
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