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Product Videos for Consumer Electronics must be stylish and exciting

Brands big and small turn to Brainiac for our stylish, attention-getting product videos. We know how to get your target audience's attention, using music they listen to and high-end visuals to capture your product. Bullet points and features are much cooler when called out bold than using tiny old-school tech lines. Every consumer electronics project is different, and we can help you define the right style, structure, and even platform for reaching your target buyer.


Obviously, we've worked with some of the biggest consumer and electronics brands in the business. Yet we take every client equally seriously, whether you are a small manufacturing company looking to sell your product to Western audiences or a US-based major player looking for hundreds of videos at the same time, Brainiac has a solution for you.

Get pricing for your consumer electronics video by booking an appointment below.

Video production pricing
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