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5 tips to making a great explainer video:

1) Always start with what your app and service does right at the beginning.

2) Use a HOST! Focus more on instruction than on constant call to action. Let your clear guidance of using your product cement it in their mind and finish on a CTA.

3) Try to use human characters. Provide a human connection ESPECIALLY if you are a software product or medical product.

4) Work With your writer/director to put an emphasis on the software as it is to be integrated into human life.

5) Show how it solves the consumers' challenges. Don’t be shy about value propositions

Keep it short and sweet. 


Why keep your promo video short?

Two answers: Retention and People's ability to find your content. When search engines and social media feeds calculate what to recommend for people to watch when they type in a particular phrase - they base the results not just on the number of views or how many matching words but on how long people watch your video for. If your viewer consumes a smaller percentage of your video then other videos on the same topic, the other videos will end up being recommended. If you attempt to oversell or become redundant it is likely the viewer will leave early and it’ll make it harder for search engines to find your content.

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