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WHY is it so hard to find video production prices online? Why are video production costs always a mystery?
Because there are many nuances. And many contractors and companies want to simply know "how much they can get out of you". We operate differently. We are upfront on our basic video production prices right here, and within a quick call can get you an exact number.  It doesn't take a million dollars to make a great ad, but it does take smart and brainy hands behind the production wheel.

Our commercials start at $9000. Typical budget range on commercials is between $9,500 and $28,000 for slick productions shot on Red or Arii with cine primes. Includes writing, directing, shooting, location, actors/models, music and slick motion graphics. 

Our Explainer Video pricing includes 2 one hour zoom consultations, screenwriting, directing, light motion graphics, screengrabs, royalty-free stock footage, music, and voice over. Our Explainer Video prices are affordable for small businesses and big brands that do bulk in-house promotions.
Starts at $2400

A new video every day starting at just $15,000 per month. 31 videos! If you want to grow your social and brand, post something new every day. We create custom shot content that keeps your brand EVERYWHERE, with new videos and excuses to post daily!
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