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We EXPLAIN your software or app

perfectly with a human connection and sophistication. 

Just say no to cheap cartoons. Our company makes live-action Explainer Videos for Saas, Apps, Startups, and corporate businesses that are optimized to reach your target buyer. 

So many explainer videos go ignored. Look at YouTube, Most cartoon Explainer Videos do less than 100 views. This is not a joke. It is a reality. Making an explainer video that people want to watch takes more software to generate a cheap animation. AI-created videos are also a huge mistake, as no one trusts computer-created content. If you can get someone to draw it for a couple grand, the audience will know it and they won't care!


You have three seconds to grab attention to avoid the "skip button", and if the content isn't relevant to them based on optimization, it's unlikely to be served to the right person. No one watches explainers for fun. Either you are relevant to them, or not. You need a live-action explainer video that combines a host or real person's voice-over, your assets, screengrabs, motion graphics, and an optimized structure with a tutorial feel so potential customers can find it on YouTube and Google when searching for answers.

Google's algorithms are amazingly complex these days. It takes more than hashtags and descriptions to be found. Quality content comes first and foremost, so at Brainiac we do your keyword research before writing the script, not after. This allows the algorithm to find all the information it needs in the video itself, to show relevance in search results for your specific software or service. When you book a script call with Brainiac, we guide you through all of the best practices that can help you reach the exact audience member that you are looking for.

Just say no to cheap cartoons - Live Action Explainer Videos

Book an appointment below and get an optimized Explainer Video for your Startup, Sass, or Corporate Video needs today.

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