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How to Make Explainer Videos the Right Way: Contact Video Production By Brainiac!

From the days of Don Draper to the rise of Mark Zuckerberg, a tertiary glance at the marketing landscape will reveal that nearly EVERYTHING has changed. We are no longer beholden to the conventional marketing practices of yesteryear. What does this mean? It is now easier than ever to directly connect with clients around the globe through a single Explainer Video. Explainer Videos are ideal production solutions for businesses looking to develop a brand, product, or business idea. Let's explore how these innovative videos can benefit your business, today.

How to Make Explainer Videos with Brainiac

First, we need to understand that the goal of an Explainer Video is to accurately send a message about a product to the viewer within one to two minutes. The focal point of the Explainer video campaign will be to develop a brand, idea, or even a product. A good example of Explainer Videos in practice could include a 60-second spot that discusses different features within a new piece of software.

Typically, explainer videos are streamlined pieces of media that rely on text, sound, and visual demonstrations of your product or idea. When you turn to a team like Video Production by Brainiac, you will see all three of these mediums coalesce into a piece of actionable content for your brand or business. Explainer videos are attention-grabbing pieces of media that instill a quick piece of information into the minds of your viewer while you have their absolute focus.

To prepare for your explainer video pitch, consider some ideas that you want to get across so that you can discuss them accurately during your consultation. Brainiac utilizes stock footage, screen grabs, client media, motion graphics, and voice-overs to produce their explainer videos. When it comes time to develop your explainer video, reach out to the team at Brainiac for your free consultation.

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