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Five reasons to NOT crowdsource your video production

1. Crowdsourcing is like crossing your fingers. Half the time they don't have a website or the crowdsourcing site, will not let them post their website. There is literally, no way to do diligence and ensure the reel that you are seeing, is actually by the people you are about to hire. You've got a cool product or new app and you really want to position it amongst the crowd. Or your a seasoned marketer looking for services that have a lesser price tag than your current vendors. Either way, marketing directors and small business owners know that putting someone off fiverr, upwork or other crowdsourcing sites on a task that represents the quality of your brand, is a risk.

2. It doesn't save you money! It doesn't matter what country they are in. If they are operating on a professional level, they are going to charge profession usd rate. You might think you can score a group of brilliant marketers who go home to their third world shack while still having the ability to send your product to the moon. Logically speaking, it will not happen. If someone has the ability to make a video that helps you make money, they are in fact charging normal competitive rates. Paying less than a hundred dollars an hour for a freelancer is the dumbest thing someone can do. The process on most videos is between ten to fifty hours. There are companies that can help you for less than a few grand and get you a professional quality spot. Or you can pay a kid twenty an hour to jerk you around for a month and have it end up costing the same amount. Move smart.

Still think it will save you money to crowdsource your video? All of the platforms charge either you or the contractor 10-20% on top of the cost of the service. If you are shooting a video, that means you're not just paying 20% to hire them, but 20% for every item and actor and crew member that the contractor has to hire. DO NOT BE FOOLED. The contractor will always, simply put in the amount of time or effort for the amount of money they are receiving. If they are receiving 20% less, than that likely means you have less lights or less time in post.

3. Crowdsourcing Video Production is VERY time-consuming. Why dig through dozens of ideas from guys you sort of believe in, rather than devoting time to developing an idea with someone you can believe in. That's why you get a free 30-minute consultation with our creative director in order to decide upon the right path. 
Crowdsourcing your video production needs requires reading a lot of proposals from mediocre artists. The sites are inherently filled with freelancers looking solely for a quick buck and good review, guys who are willing to play YES MAN during hiring, over-promising, and under-delivering.
4. You can't rely on reviews, GOOD or BAD. All you can do to make sure you're getting a talented director is to look at the contractor's previous work. Reviews could sometimes mean two people liked each other or were just being nice guys and helping each other by giving a good review. It is often, a forced part of the process (like Upwork). Bad reviews can be equally deceptive, as a lot of contractors have received bad reviews simply for refusing to work outside of the contract. Always look at their sample work and talk to the director to make sure he has a clear vision. This is the best way to get a top-notch video for your product. Look at the work and get the reviews from your gut instinct.
5. Production Value and Quality is NUMBER ONE! When making your video, pay attention to what other brands might do that leave you convinced or unconvinced. If it doesn't look good, sound good and give a quick clear understanding of what is going on

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