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Product Videos for Bejing China based companies looking to sell their products in the western marketplace.

Product videos have become essential in increasing sales for products they are promoting in the US and Europe.. We at Brainiac help Chinese companies create American ads for their products to build confidence for Western consumers, See one of the sixteen product videos we delivered for China-based USHAKE below.  


Bejing offers product makers an amazing city to create and build their products, but when it comes to making a commercial that will appeal to Western audiences, you need to call Los Angeles for. No need to hop on a flight. We use WhatsApp, zoom, and Skype. Consider us your new best friend in the United States who can guide you in an affordable direction that makes your product shine.

From scriptwriting to finding the perfect actors and voice-over for you,  we take the process from start to finish and give the ad a strong American look and feel. Shot in San Diego and Los Angeles, our productions will help Western consumers picture themselves using your product.

If you are a company with hundreds of projects and a lot of video needs, check out the Monthly Ultra Social pack. Click here to see which services we offer and find out if Brainiac is the right choice for you to rock the market in North America and Europe.   

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