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For Shenzhen, Video Production by American Companies has become a stable in launching and increasing sales for their products in the west. We at Brainiac help Chinese manufacturers build trust in their products with Western consumers, weather on Amazon or Broadcast Television, we know how to make your product shine. Check out one of the sixteen product videos we delivered for China based USHAKE. 

Ushake Bike Seat
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Shenzhen is known for many great cinematic moments. Kung FU Panda, of course being a staple in every American household. But what the real Shenzhen does not offer, is US made video content. That, you need to the call the US for. No need to hop on a flight. That's what zoom and skype are for. Consider us your new friend that can guide you in an affordable direction that is budget appropriate for your product and market.


We write the script with you, find the perfect actors and voice over for you and give the entire production a strong American look and feel. Shot in San Diego and Los Angeles, our productions will help western audiences envision themselves using your product.

We also have the Monthly Ultra Social pack, where you get a new video every day for just $450 per video (when you order 30 videos per month, typical 3 month commitment). If you are a company with multiple products, just add $50 per additional product for research and writing time. It is literally, extremely affordable for our brilliant hands to fill your Amazon, Shopify and Facebook pages with content.

Both passive product videos for Amazon (no calls to action on that platform folks!) to hard selling pushes on with social media videos, this pack has you MAJORLY covered for a very small monthly commitment. While we can always find time to knock out a couple videos for a new client, The Monthly Ultra Social Pack currently only has 6 spots available. Click below to book an appointment with creative director to lean more about how the Monthly Ultra Social pack can transform your business over this next year. Be bigger than the big boys for a fraction of the cost by using Brainiac. Our smart approach to workflow, gear, locations and production management / scheduling allow us to deliver volume content at ground-breaking low costs. All American talent. Western production style and music. Go with Brainiac today.